TIOH Organization


Heraldic Services and Support Division

  • Performs research and prepares studies for development of policy, furnishes advice and information to agencies concerning federal heraldic designs and associated traditions
  • Initiates, develops, reviews and coordinates legislative and regulatory materials
  • Provides project management support for projects including Army, Air Force, DOD, ROTC/JROTC, Navy, USMC, Space Force, USCG and all other uniformed and civilian federal agencies
  • Plans and conducts finance and accounting activities
  • Administers personnel management and administrative functions to include records and content management, human resource management, information technology and website administration
  • Prepares letters of authorization and other official documentation for heraldic items
  • Prepares replies to inquiries concerning current and historic heraldic items and advises Army units of requirements for insignia and flags


Heraldic Design Division

  • Designs heraldic items including insignia, awards and decorations, flags and seals for all military branches, ROTC/JROTC as well as federal uniformed and civilian agencies
  • Advises on matters relating to official symbolism and the laws and principles of heraldry
  • Prepares heraldic blazons, descriptions and symbolism for all designs
  • Develops and maintains patterns for flags and guidons authorized for military branches and all federal agencies
  • Prepares full color illustrations and line drawings for use in the manufacture and production of heraldic items
  • Produces finished plaques for Office of the President and Vice President


Technical and Production Division

  • Serves as the DOD standardization activity for FSC 8455 and 8345 and coordinates standardization actions with other services and GSA
  • Provides advice to DSCP and commands on engineering and procurement and takes final action on any waivers or deviations for procurement
  • Evaluates research and development studies and determines changes in materials, testing or packaging requirements
  • Monitors quality assurance program to ensure effectiveness
  • Furnishes engineering support to government agencies and manufacturers
  • Administers the Army and Air Force heraldic quality control program for items sold through commercial sources (e.g., AAFES)
  • Certifies civilian firms to manufacture heraldic items and items incorporating heraldic designs sold through commercial channels
  • Develops specifications for heraldic items and ensure documents are sufficient for procurement
  • Conducts research and development studies to develop acceptable heraldic items to meet DOD requirements
  • Initiates contracts for purchase of new tools and cartoons required for manufacture of heraldic items
  • Obtains, maintains, and controls organizational and mission property, supplies and services
  • Loans tools and samples to manufacturers for production of heraldic items