Army Organizational Flags, Guidons and Streamers


What is a coat of arms?

A complete coat of arms consists of a shield displayed on the breast of the eagle on the organizational flag and a crest which appears over the eagle's head and a motto displayed on the scroll held in the eagle's beak.


What is a crest?

The crest is placed above the eagle's head. Active Army units having war/campaign service are entitled to a distinct crest for their coat of arms. All reserve units have the Minuteman and all National Guard units display the crest authorized for the State to which assigned.


Who is authorized a coat of arms?

All TOE regiments and TOE separate battalions are authorized a coat of arms for display on the organizational flag. Typically, the request for a COA accompanies the request for a DUI. TIOH will provide a design for the COA along with the distinctive unit insignia. After the command concurs with the design, TIOH will prepare a flag drawing and forward it to the Clothing and Heraldry Office in Philadelphia for permanent retention.


How do I requisition my newly approved organizational color?

After the organization receives a TIOH authorization memo, a requisition (DD Form 1348-6 Manual) for the flag may be submitted to the Clothing and Heraldry Office.


How can I determine what streamers my unit is entitled to?

The U.S. Army Center of Military History (CMH) is the office responsible for determining lineage and honors. You can check their website or send an inquiry to CMH.


What are the procedures for obtaining flags, guidons or streamers?

As prescribed in AR 840-10, flags, guidons and streamers may be obtained by submitting a requisition online at TACOM, Soldier Systems Directorate, Philadelphia, can be reached by telephone at (215) 737-2515/2511/3108/2083. DSN prefix is 444. All stocked items can be ordered online at


How can I find out how a unit's flag should look?

It is best to contact TIOH at USARMY Ft Belvoir HQDA Mailbox TIOH Webmaster for assistance. Note that the only authorized source for procurement of flags is the U. S. Army Tank, Automotive and Armaments Command (TACOM), Integrated Logistics Support Center, Clothing and Heraldry Product Support Integration Directorate located in Philadelphia, PA. For more information, go to